"The minute you come aboard, you can contribute.  I can go into a store and see something I worked on, first-hand – and feel proud."

- Erik, Middleware Architect

Three Reasons to Join MerchLogix

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Big-Time Work
Small-Team Mindset

It’s the best of both worlds. You won’t be tucked away in some cubicle because that’s not how we do it. From Day One, you’ll be a big part of a small team of engineers, working on projects for some of the most successful retailers in the country.

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We’re All Problem-Solvers

That’s what software engineers do. And if you join us, you’ll be part of a wicked-smart team of fellow engineers who love to collaborate on complex coding solutions that didn’t exist before.

You’ll have the chance to do something totally new – no matter what role you play.

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It’s a Career
Not Just a Job

We have a saying: “Take care of the client. And take care of yourself.”

And we mean it. Work/life balance isn’t just a cute phrase – it’s non-negotiable at MerchLogix because it means you’ll stay engaged with our customer’s problems, stay happy, and just… stay.

We have super low turnover, and we plan to keep it that way.

MerchLogix Benefits

You’ll get one Friday off every month to do whatever you want: side projects, errands or, you know, nothing. (And the longer you work for us, the more Fridays you get off.)

Sounds interesting?

MerchLogix Co-op Program

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Our founders were co-op students, so we know what you’re capable of. You won’t be getting coffee or completing boring tasks. You’ll do real work for real customers.

Whether this leads to full-time employment at MerchLogix, or simply helps you become the best engineer you can be, it’s a win for both of us. Contact us to learn more.