MerchLogix products for space planning and merchandising operations are all cloud-based and built for mobile. Anyone in your organization can use them, any time, from anywhere. (We’re always thinking: how might someone use this in the store?)

There’s no limit on users because we don’t charge “by the seat,” and MerchLogix products are infinitely configurable. Why? Because we’re all about connection and collaboration. Our products are designed to work together, but whether you use one of them or all of them, we’ll make it work in your business.

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Space Planning for the People

As our retail customers will tell you, we’re problem-solving, solution-creating software developers who are as committed to their success as we are to our own. To prove the point, we didn’t just take on the retail industry’s most troublesome problem—space planning—we solved it.

MerchLogix delivers:

  • Flawless execution of your merchandising vision with 100% compliance at every store (no wonder MerchLogix is used by some of the biggest names in retail)
  • Comprehensive, integrated and actionable data that’s accessible around-the-clock to everyone from the C-suite to third-party vendors
  • Clean, easy-to-use dashboards featuring real-time data
  • Tools that give you 360-degree visibility into both merchandise and non-merchandise
  • Support from U.S.-based experts and engineers that are always there for you
  • Free updates and new releases (no additional cost)

And we’re not stopping there. Remember, problem-solving is in our blood, so we’re already working to improve, update, advance and innovate.

Our Product Suite

Merchlogix Project

We designed MerchLogix Project to absorb all the complexity of your business, driving collaboration with easy-to-use dashboards – accessible to anyone, from anywhere.

Merchlogix Planogram logo

Our Planogram is shelf-planning for the 21st Century: shared and always up to date. Organize your merchandise seamlessly, trusting it’ll go exactly where it needs to be.

Merchlogix Floorplan

Engage a hyper-realistic (down to the inch) rendering of every store, loaded with metadata that makes this a one-stop-shop to plan your retail world.

Merchlogix Survey

Collect data effortlessly and inform your teams without ever leaving the app. Survey is the best way to learn more about your store.

Merchlogix Order

Things change, things break. That’s why MerchLogix Order exists, bringing everything non-merch to your stores quickly and cost-effectively – and integrating it all with the rest of your system.

Merchlogix Data

Your data needs to transcend the spreadsheet and mean something to your company. MerchLogix Data is comprehensive, rendering actionable data on an accessible (and secure) platform.