Any Info About Any Part of Your Store

Gather any piece of information about any part of your store, and never touch a pen, a piece of paper, or a spreadsheet to do it.

A super-clean user interface, mobile-friendly and cloud-based – so you and your teams can be in the store (virtually or literally) and get the most from every store survey. Which only makes sense.

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Collect and Use Store Data in Minutes

MerchLogix Survey makes it easy to gather information – from store layout and signage, to people and processes. And whether you have a dozen surveyors or hundreds, the cost is the same. We know how valuable data is to your organization, so we removed the number one barrier to getting it: user-based licensing costs.

The purpose of every survey is to provide timely, accurate data you (and your entire team) can use to make well-informed decisions. That’s why MerchLogix Survey provides as many surveys as you need, as often as you need them, enabling you to capture store data that’s timely, accessible, accurate, and actionable.


With MerchLogix Survey, you can create surveys – and get results from them – within minutes (even seconds – no kidding). And those results provide a springboard for actionable decisions.

So, go ahead – ditch the pen-and-paper, delete the spreadsheets, and open up MerchLogix Survey.