Retail Data That Works for You

Data is the lifeblood of retail, but only if it’s aggregated and packaged for you in a way that delivers insights. Because we know you need those insights to get better every day.

That’s what we kept top-of-mind when we built MerchLogix Data: comprehensive, integrated, accessible, actionable.

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Having All the Data Makes a Difference

Analyze data like never before: product data… linked to space-planning data… linked to performance data. MerchLogix Data enables you to turn those figures into action:

  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Access hundreds of predefined reports
  • Retrieve aggregate, granular, or blended data
  • Understand relationships and important metrics
  • Extract information for custom reports, analytics, business intelligence, or data warehouses
  • Quickly inventory fixtures by type, store, or region
  • Easily identify at-risk projects
DATA - Visualization

With clean and secure data that’s accessible 24/7, you and your entire team can make well-informed decisions about every aspect of your merchandising operations.

With direct access to your data, you can run your own queries and generate your own reports anytime, anywhere. You can even use MerchLogix Data’s API to answer more sophisticated questions:

  • What is the performance or GMROI per square foot by store, region, or category?
  • Where is an item or product location within a floorplan or sales floor?
  • What stores still have old, off-brand (snowflake) fixtures?
  • Which stores have a rare fixture (e.g., a sunglasses rack) that would put them in scope for a particular project?