Frictionless, Cost-Efficient Ordering for Everything Non-Merch

Shelves get bent, lights go out, signs get broken, changes are needed. Ordering new or replacement parts needs to be fast, easy, cost-efficient, and as frictionless as possible… and the information needs to be integrated into the rest of the system.

That’s what MerchLogix Order is designed to do.

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Be Ready for Every Reset

Ordering and installing non-merchandise is an expensive hassle. Until now. MerchLogix Order makes it fast and cost-efficient, no matter how many stores you have.

MerchLogix Order also makes it easy for individual stores to order new or replacement parts, choose when their orders are delivered, and manage costs. When shelves get bent, racks get lost, signs break, and lights burn out, ordering replacements should be easy. And now it is.

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MerchLogix Order integrates natively with MerchLogix Planogram, Floorplan, and Project, so your team can plan in-store execution knowing that the right non-merchandise fixtures and signage will be there.

MerchLogix Order provides:

  • Greater visibility into each store’s non-merchandise inventory
  • Minimal rescheduling of resets due to missing or delayed fixtures or signs
  • Optimized contractor time with accurate delivery windows
  • Less waste by reducing duplicate orders
  • No more inconsistencies or delays