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Unlock your team’s digital superpowers

A step-by-step digital guide that helps store teams and third-party merchandising partners get work done in the store. Navigator is your reliable sidekick for unifying your data so you can conquer everyday store tasks.

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Ditch the paper planograms!

Navigator revolutionizes in-store merchandising, providing invaluable tools that empower employees and optimize work. Transform your team’s experience today.

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Challenges like these are all too familiar:

  • High turnover
  • Inefficient onboarding and training
  • Poor engagement
  • Non-compliant planograms that lead to lost sales

With step-by-step instructions and precise resources, Navigator delivers:

  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced frustration, higher retention
  • Meaningful employee engagement
  • Sales lift from more accurate merchandising
Man looking at camera with an exclamation point above his head in a thought bubble. To the right is a cellphone with Merchlogix Navigator "Review Documents" and "Execute Planograms" features checked.

Key features

Step-by-step instructions

  • Easily follow tasks and instructions

Resources connected at each step

  • Attach reference documents - fixture guides, instructions, new item info
  • Provide exact product merchandising changes (discontinued, add, maintain) with a digital planogram
  • Snap audit photos directly from your phone or in-store device

Work tracking

  • Audit/Monitor project completion
  • Seamlessly transition tasks to team members