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Retail is (still) store-centric

Online shopping has transformed retail, but 85% of all sales are still offline.
(At your store.)


Store traffic is rebounding

9 of 10 consumers anticipate shopping more in-store this year.
(Or they already have)


Fix resets = boost profits

A 5% improvement in GMROI through better inventory turns can boost profitability 90%.*
(And we can help you get there.)

*GMROI (Gross Margin Return on Inventory) shows how well retailers balance inventory turns with gross profitability. This metric shows the gross profit dollar return earned for every inventory dollar on average.

Real Results for Real Stores

Online is in vogue but stores are still the foundation of retail—it’s called brick-and-mortar for a reason. If the majority of your revenue comes from physical stores (and it probably does) and if your customers demand a clean, well-stocked store (they definitely do)… then you can expect profitable results when you invest in better, smarter space planning and merchandising operations.

And MerchLogix is your solution. Its cloud-based, data-driven design ensures that your best laid plans actually come to life—in every store, every time.

Helping retails stores reset with ease.
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We Hear You

Merchandisers talk. We listen. That’s the big idea behind MerchLogix. You tell us that legacy systems aren’t flexible and adaptable enough for your unique business. We agree—that’s why we create solutions that break the status quo and put you back in control. You tell us that our competitor’s software is hard to handle on the go.

Our cloud-based design is accessible from anywhere, on any device. All you need is the internet. You hate the pay-by-the-user model. We hate it more. MerchLogix allows unlimited users at no extra cost. That means everyone’s on the same page without breaking the bank.

Space Planning Products

MerchLogix Survey

To gather store-level data by anyone with a browser.

MerchLogix Project

To drive collaborative and compliant in-store execution.

MerchLogix Floorplan

To do macro space planning with total accuracy.

MerchLogix Planogram

To optimize your in-store selling space.

MerchLogix Order

To manage fixtures and other non-merchandise assets.

MerchLogix Data

To reveal actionable insights.