About Us

One of our core values is “Accepting,” and we mean it.

We care deeply about building a more equitable world – and workplace – and we try hard to walk the talk. We’re proud of the strides we’ve made in diversity, equity and inclusion in our own ranks, and we’ll never stop pushing for more fairness, more justice… more acceptance.

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Our Story

We know it’s a cliché, but MerchLogix really was born in a dorm room. Nick Downey was a computer engineering major at Georgia Tech – just a boy with a good idea, a contract to write some innovative software for a local client, and some really smart friends. (Including one named Kirk.)

Cut to 2006. Nick and his problem-solving software got the attention of a national retailer. Their problems involved their store planning and merchandising operations software. In short, it wasn’t working very well, so they brought in Nick to help them build a better system. (He did. And they’re still a client today.)

Cut to 2012. After working independently for more than a decade, helping retailers solve problems that were growing in size and complexity, Nick realized it was time to retire his independent-consultant act and do what came naturally to him anyway: build a team.

Today, that team's numbers continue to rise, and the client list includes many marquee retailers… but at its core, it’s all still pretty simple: a desire to solve problems. Check out the video to hear the leadership team talk about what makes MerchLogix unique.

"Merchlogix Core Values - Authentic, Clever, Willing, Accepting


Photo of Nick

Nick Downey


Photo of Kirk

Kirk Bauer

VP | Engineering

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Kim Kregloski

VP | Business Development

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Chris Loxley

VP | Sales

Photo of Adriana

Adriana Addleton

Sr. Director | Finance

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