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Retail is full of good stories. And boy do we love to tell stories – our own story, sure, but more importantly, the stories of a dynamic industry that changes every day.

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MerchLogix Transforms In-Store Merchandising with Step-by-Step, Retailer-Specific Digital Guide for Store Execution Teams

With digital planograms and intuitive tools, MerchLogix Navigator empowers new and experienced retail employees to execute merchandising tasks with ease. ATLANTA, May 1, 2024 – MerchLogix™, a leading provider of space planning and merchandise operations software, today announced the launch of Navigator, a new application in the MerchLogix suite of tools that simplifies in-store merchandising…

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Time tracking: beyond the badge

Discover how innovative time-tracking strategies can boost retail efficiency, optimize labor allocation and enhance operational insights for better decision-making.

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Fixtures are crazy-hard

Navigating the intricacies of fixtures is undeniably challenging. Learn about solutions for streamlining fixture ordering and improving in-store execution.

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How to effectively resolve reset issues

Discover practical strategies to streamline store resets and enhance retail efficiency. Learn how integrated systems and innovative tools empower store associates to tackle common reset issues swiftly, turning challenges into opportunities for success.

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Empower store associates with simple and unified digital tools

Discover how digital tools empower store associates in effective merchandising. Emphasize two-way communication for better retail execution.

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Retailers Must Prioritize In-Store Efficiency to Maximize Profits, According to Merchlogix Report

Our latest research study analyzes the metrics driving store performance. Learn more about store investments, profitability trends, stock market sentiment and the impact of store-level efficiency on operating margins.

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How to Read a Planogram: Tips for Decoding Retail Planograms

Planograms are effective tools for retail planning. Here’s an overview and examples of how to read a planogram.

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Red Dawn at Morning: An Update on the Retail Opportunity

Our proprietary research continues to indicate while physical stores remain highly relevant to retailers, operating profitability fell in 2022 and will likely stay depressed due to slowing macro trends and inflationary wage pressures.

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Planogram Compliance 101 | What is Planogram Compliance?

Wondering about the question: what is planogram compliance? Explore the levels of planogram compliance and how higher compliance helps retailers improve store performance.

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Planogram Execution 101

What should retailers focus on when it comes to planogram execution in their stores? Read about the keys to planogram execution for in-store success.