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Retail is full of good stories. And boy do we love to tell stories – our own story, sure, but more importantly, the stories of a dynamic industry that changes every day.

The Physics of Retail

By Nick Downey I’m the biggest retail geek on the planet.  That’s what my staff and many of my clients tell me. And it’s not just because I’ve lived and breathed retail since landing my first post-college job back in 2006.  Back then, I was the proud holder of a brand-new Bachelor of Science degree…

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Post-Pandemic Retail Investments to Focus on Boosting Store Profitability

MerchLogix commissioned the in-depth study to learn how retailers respond to growing omnichannel demands, the evolving role of the store, and how retail segments, including grocery, hardlines, and apparel, are investing in their future. The study points towards a renewed focus by retail management teams on store efficiencies as consumers, including millennials, return to in-person shopping.

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MerchLogix Announces New Planogram Software Solution

MerchLogix unveiled MerchLogix Planogram, the latest addition to its suite of cloud-based technology solutions for retail. Planogram empowers a collaborative approach to space planning, connecting stores and merchants with role-based access to shared planograms.

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Nead Werx Rebrands to MerchLogix

Nead Werx announced the completion of its rebranding to MerchLogix™. The logo, company name, and product names were changed to reflect the software firm’s exclusive focus on its MerchLogix suite of cloud-based space planning and merchandise operations solutions. Since 1999, the company has designed solutions for leading North American retailers in grocery, fashion, and home improvement, among others.

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Racism, Black Lives Matter and Protests

I am not shocked, but I am appalled. I wish that I could say that on behalf of all of us, but if we are honest with ourselves we have watched this series of events happen entirely too many times, and in most of those cases we have chosen to be silent, or to look away, or to flat out ignore them all together.

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