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A one-stop-shop for retail floor planning

MerchLogix Floorplan is hyper-realistic retail floor planning software, accurate to the scale of every store, down to the inch. You can load tons of metadata, which translates into a one-stop-shop view of your retail world (with photos and planograms and that darn pillar you have to work around) without switching programs or files.

And we’ll say it one more time: it’s cloud-based so that anyone can work on it anywhere, any time. You just need a browser.

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See Every Detail of Your Store

Picture this: an accurate-to-the-inch view of each store in your fleet, available to you wherever and whenever you need it. That’s MerchLogix Floorplan, a browser-based CAD-like program that gives you hyper-realistic views of your stores in intricate detail, so you can make smart decisions about your spaces.

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Merchlogix Floorplan interface

With MerchLogix Floorplan, data that was inaccessible or distributed across multiple platforms and differing file formats is now in one place. Now you can:

  • Determine whether planograms will fit
  • See where your hot-sellers and under-performers are located in your stores
  • Anticipate space challenges, including structural features/obstacles and location of electricity
  • Make smart, store-specific merchandising decisions
  • Give employees and business partners accurate plans of their work areas
  • See what store areas require servicing

Frequently asked questions about MerchLogix Floorplan

Still have questions about how MerchLogix can help your team create an effective planogram and ensure planogram compliance? Get in touch and let us know.