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Planogram software for the 21st century

No more shared drives. No more hoping that whoever is working on this task remembered to upload the current version. No more delivering a planogram to a store that doesn’t even have that fixture. No more jamming products into a space that is and always will be too small.

MerchLogix Planogram is retail planogram software for the 21st century, finally. And it’s presented in a user interface that’s modern, easy-to-use, and allows for planogram automation because that’s the way it should be.

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Planograms Executed as Planned

Easy to use and cloud-based, MerchLogix Planogram connects stores and merchants, so your vision makes it to the shelf. (And you’re not getting charged more for additional users.)

Gone are the days of trying to force products where they don’t fit, or onto fixtures that can’t be found. Planogram gives you and your entire team accurate, store-specific floor plans so you can get a lot more granular – and profitable – with shelf-level planning.

Merchlogix Planogram logo with drawing of boxes moving onto a shelf
Store shelf with some areas highlighted in red. To the left is the Merchlogix Planogram interface.

No matter how many stores you have, now you can retire the shared drive and use Planogram as the single source for all shelf-planning. The results:

  • Properly configured displays
  • Faster and more accurate resets
  • More accurate, compliant planograms completed in less time
  • More sales per square foot
  • Increased store profitability
  • Speedier in-store order fulfillment
  • Greater consistency between store locations
With MerchLogix’s Space Sequencing mobile app, capturing store data is just that simple. No more costly CAD drawings or time-consuming data collection. Instead, you get a wealth of up-to-the-second store-specific information, all captured and uploaded real time—everything from fixture types and dimensions to photos, SKU presence, and more. The data you capture can immediately be put to use in MerchLogix Planogram.

Frequently asked questions about MerchLogix Planogram

Still have questions about how MerchLogix can help your team create an effective planogram and ensure planogram compliance? Get in touch and let us know.