It’s All About Access

One of the biggest differences between MerchLogix and our competitors is how we price and sell our software solutions: we don’t sell ‘by the seat.’

Merchandising is ultimately about people, collaborating to create amazing new experiences. The software you use – your toolkit – should encourage that collaboration, not be an impediment to it. Some of our customers have about 200,000 authenticated users in their system, 3,000 active at any given second. That’s (literally) collaboration in action – and it’s all made possible by how we price our solutions.


Three Reasons to Love Our Pricing


It’s Thing-Based, not Seat-Based

We’ve noticed that a lot of software licensing agreements force customers to think about the mechanics of HOW to use the software… who has access, when do they have it, for how long...

That’s ridiculous. And it’s why our pricing is based on what you’re trying to accomplish – the ‘thing’ you’re doing – not on how you use MerchLogix to do it. And if you decide to do MORE things, the price-per-thing will go down.


It’s Accessible and Flexible

If you’re a large retailer, we know you’ll want to negotiate, and that’s great, we’re happy to. If you’re a small retailer, we know you might want to keep the entry price-point as low as possible, and that’s great too. You can start using MerchLogix for as little as $50,000.

And once you’re up and running with MerchLogix, we can adapt to your finance team’s processes and business rhythms, because that’s just reality. Bottom line (pun intended): our pricing is designed to be as friction-less as humanly possible.


It’s All-In

No offense to our competitors, but we’ve learned that they can surprise customers with additional costs for upgrades and updates.

When you buy a MerchLogix solution, you’re also buying the product support and account engineering that goes with it, bundled. It’s called 'software as a service' for a reason. We’re with you at every step.