Why Merchlogix?

  • Set your stores faster
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Drive sales through compliance
  • Save money by reducing waste
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Unleash Super-Powered Retail with MerchLogix

Imagine a world with accurate, store-specific floorplans… real-time data… user-friendly dashboards… and no binders!

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Feeling… inefficient?

Without the right tools, communicating with the field and empowering them to do their best work is painful and frustrating. You…

  • Struggle to share accurate and updated POG data with store teams.
  • Don’t know when a set is complete.
  • Lose time and money from unresolved in-store issues and unfinished projects.
  • Juggle shared drives, emails and other decentralized tools.
  • Navigate disparate data sources and software with limited seats.
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The Merchlogix Solution

Let’s fix that. Build and manage planograms and floorplans, communicate seamlessly with the right people, and follow through on execution, completion, and compliance. With MerchLogix, you can:

  • Easily create, share and communicate planograms, floor plans, and project instructions.
  • Get visibility into issues, go-backs and set completion in a single tool.
  • Leverage a unified SaaS platform. No per-seat fees. Everyone’s aboard.
  • Optimize the user experience with role and user configurations.
  • Enjoy fully U.S.-based support.

Retail Superheroes

Whether you’re a merchandising leader, a space planner, a store manager, or an associate on the floor, MerchLogix can help you unlock your inner SUPERHERO...

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Executive Leaders

Gain visibility into all projects in your stores.

  • Status
  • Completion percentage
  • Open issues
  • Photo audits

Understand a project’s “bottom line.”

  • Labor costs
  • Fixture orders
  • Sales lift

Analyze any data.

  • Evaluate real-world task and timeline data
  • Leverage in-system reports to analyze trends
  • Build more complex visualizations with centralized space planning, sales and operations data
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In-Store Teams

One dashboard for in-store execution. No digging.

  • Planograms
  • Floorplans
  • Instructions
  • Installation guides

Simple communication. Faster resolution.

  • Communicate and resolve issues
  • Task completion
  • Photo validation
  • Labor hours
  • Final signoff
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Space Planners

Build store-specific floorplans.

  • Optimize macro space
  • Perform heat mapping by category
  • Support multiple floorplan versions
  • Easy space analysis (dimensions, POGs, SKU penetration)
  • Drill down to store-specific planograms for shelf-level insights

Create impactful planograms.

  • Highlight using native sales data
  • Approve and publish using a configurable workflow
  • Validate merchandising standards in real-time

Have total confidence.

  • Stores have the right POG
  • The POG is set right, the first time