MerchLogix products for space planning and merchandising operations are all cloud-based and built for mobile. Anyone in your organization can use them, any time, from anywhere. (We’re always thinking: how might someone use this in the store?)

There’s no limit on users because we don’t charge “by the seat,” and MerchLogix products are infinitely configurable. Why? Because we’re all about connection and collaboration. Our products are designed to work together, but whether you use one of them or all of them, we’ll make it work in your business.

Merchlogix Project

Retail is big and complicated, and that’s why we built MerchLogix Project the way we did: able to absorb all the detail and complexity of your business, but presented to the user in clean, easy-to-use dashboards that everyone can use: store teams, store support, or third parties.

It’s in-store execution without the barriers.

Merchlogix Project logo next to a clipboard and a clock
Merchlogix Planogram logo with drawing of boxes moving onto a shelf
Merchlogix Planogram logo

No more shared drives. No more hoping that whoever is working on this remembered to upload the current version. No more delivering a planogram to a store that doesn’t even have that fixture. No more jamming product into a space that is and always will be too small.

MerchLogix Planogram is shelf-level planning for the 21st century, finally. And it’s presented in a user interface that’s modern, easy-to-use, and allows for planogram automation, because that’s the way it should be.

Merchlogix Floorplan

MerchLogix Floorplan is a hyper-realistic CAD-like program, accurate to the scale of every store, down to the inch. You can load tons of metadata, which translates into a one-stop-shop view of your retail world (with photos and planograms and that darn pillar you have to work around), without having to switch programs or files.

And we’ll say it one more time: it’s cloud-based, so anyone can work on it anywhere, any time. Just need a browser.

Merchlogix Floorplan logo next to a 3-d map with a location pin
Merchlogix Survey

Gather any piece of information about any part of your store, and never touch a pen, a piece of paper, or a spreadsheet to do it.

Super-clean user interface, mobile-friendly and cloud-based – so you and your teams can be in the store (virtually or literally) and get the most from every store survey. Which only makes sense.

Merchlogix Order

Shelves get bent, lights go out, signs get broken. Ordering replacement parts needs to be fast, easy, cost-efficient and as friction-less as possible… and the information needs to be integrated into the rest of the system.

That’s what MerchLogix Order is designed to do.

Merchlogix Data

Data is the lifeblood of retail, but only if it’s aggregated and packaged for you in a way that delivers insights. Because we know you need those insights to get better every day.

That’s what we kept top-of-mind when we built MerchLogix Data: comprehensive, integrated, accessible, actionable.